Signs That You’re Growing Up




Growing up.. well it sucks. Mostly because in the pursuit of finding yourself, you lose a lot of people along the way. One thing I’ve realized is that we should never compromise our beliefs and mold ourselves into something we’re not. I have a very small social circle that I am grateful of but what I’m most thankful of this that with these few people, I can continue to be myself no matter what, without being judged whatsoever. Here are some important things I’ve learnt so far in life:

It’s important to say no

I had always been known as that nice person everybody could  count on. I guess, I still am but now (well, I hope so anyway), I’ve learnt the importance of saying no. Not everybody is worth your time and sometimes people are being just plain lazy when they are asking you for a favor. “Hey, can you drop this off on the way?” Why, mate? Aren’t you headed the same place? It’s time you let people deal with their own crap.

You learn to stand up against bullies

How many times have you smiled at a mean remark simply because you did not want to confront a bully? Sometimes ignoring somebody is not the best way to shut them up. Confront people instead, you can always ignore them later.

If you don’t like somebody, shut up

This is not the 5th grade anymore, if you don’t like somebody, it’s actually your problem and it does not give you the right to embarrass them or degrade them in front of  other people.

Mistakes don’t necessary have to be mistakes 

Mistakes are a sign that you are learning and growing. In case you mess things up, know that it is not the end of the world. Take it as a challenge and an opportunity to make things right. The experience will make you stronger and much more wiser.

Peace and tranquility is a blessing 

Trust me, the more responsibilities you have, the more agitated and restless you become. In a world filled with chaos and destruction, having peace of mind is really a blessing.

Fitting in is old school

Like, I said. Be yourself and do not stop.

Well, these are just a few of the very important things I’ve learnt so far. Honestly, I could go on and on and on. Cheers!



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